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Senior Portrait Experience

Abby: Senior Style Revolution

Introducing Abby, Senior 2023, a fashion extraordinaire who takes style to dizzying heights! When I sat down with Abby to discuss her wardrobe, I was blown away by the plethora of jaw-dropping “looks” she had up her sleeve! We embarked on an incredible adventure, journeyed from the girl next door, then seamlessly transitioning into the embodiment of professionalism. But hold on tight, because we didn’t stop there! We pushed the boundaries even further, transforming Abby into a whimsical fairy, dancing joyfully amidst the ethereal grass in this senior style revolution! And let me tell you, she radiated beauty in every single ensemble! This, my friends, is the pure magic of senior photography! Abby fearlessly unleashed her vibrant personality through her fashion choices, unburdened by any rules or limitations. It was an absolute delight capturing her luminous spirit in each and every frame!

OMG, can you even believe this car? Like, seriously… when Abby’s grandpa let her use this epic ride for her photoshoot, I was like, heck yes! I mean, this car is beyond amazing, but you know what’s even more stunning? Abby herself! She totally stole the show in these images, with her natural glow just radiating off her! It’s like she was born to be in front of the camera, you know?

And get this, Abby shared that living in her small town of Manteno makes her feel super comfy because everyone knows each other so well. How cool is that? She’s all about that tight-knit community vibe! But you know what truly brings her joy? Her awesome fam and her twin sister. They’re like her ride-or-die squad, and she knows she can always count on them. That’s what life’s all about, having those peeps who’ve got your back no matter what!

Abby’s got it all—style, confidence, and those genuine connections that light up her world. It was such a blast capturing her fabulousness in every shot!

Abby has chosen to dream big and go to cosmetology school in hopes of one day opening her own salon. I believe in this girl 100 percent! She is driven, kind, and has the skills to accomplish anything she sets her mind to!

When Abby and I had her style consult, we dove into her vision. She said she wanted lots of vibrant colors as well as a city inspired background. That’s what makes senior photography so incredible! I meet some pretty amazing humans, we have conversations about their dreams and aspirations, and then bring those visions to life! She took this senior style revolution by storm. If you want to chat more about making your final year unforgettable, hop on over to my website: and shoot me a quick message! I’d be thrilled to answer any questions you may have about capturing the best you this year! Oh, and if you’re looking for more inspiration, check me out on instagram  @sarahjanehphoto  or  find me on Facebook as Sarah Jane Photo. I’ll be sharing all the exciting updates on the Class of 2024 seniors there!

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