personality-filled portraits for high school seniors and small business owners in bourbonnais, illinois

Sarah Jane

SJP Coaching

SJP Coaching – Capturing Moments, Telling Stories & Building A Thriving Photography Businesses

Hey friends and fellow creative enthusiasts! I have decided that I am done gatekeeping everything I have learned over the years! I’m opening the doors to my story and offering coaching sessions to fellow photographers eager to learn and grow. Let me teach you how to run a successful photography business and master the craft. It’s my way of giving back to the art that has brought me so much joy.

Are you ready!? I am SO ready to share my journey as a photographer. From freezing moments in time to capturing unique personalities, I’m inviting you into a world of storytelling and building success in the photography business.

Fun fact! DYK I was an art teacher before becoming a photographer. Whether it be students, or fellow photographers – helping others realize their potential is profoundly gratifying. Guiding photographers on their journey to success feels like reliving my journey through their eyes. I can’t wait to witness their “aha” moments and see them create breathtaking images they’re proud of.

Through coaching, I’ll share my photography tips and techniques, from perfecting composition to unleashing the full potential of post-processing. It is an incredible experience to watch my mentees grow and become the best versions of themselves as photographers.

Check out my previous blog on saying goodbye to creative struggles here!

Building a community of like-minded individuals who share the same passion is one of the most exciting aspects of this journey. Together, we inspire, learn, and grow. The friendships formed and the support we provide each other is invaluable.

As I look ahead, I am SO excited for what the future holds. The journey as a photographer and photography coach is just beginning. Join me on this adventure and together, let’s capture moments, tell stories, and build thriving photography businesses. The world is our canvas, and every frame is a masterpiece waiting to happen. Get ready!! Let’s go!!

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Sarah Jane Photography creates personality-filled portraits for high school seniors and business owners in and around Bourbonnais, Illinois.

Sarah Jane